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photograph of a bc wildhorse

made by Kiki Vodapoff

All proceeds of the gallery support the wildhorse-projects (see "The wildhorses")


Email: kikivodapoff@gmail.com

"Spirit of the wildhorses is a unique gallery . The only gallery in whole Canada about photographs of wildhorses" Camilla Bartels

"Amazing pictures" Susan Hollist

"I had no idea that there are such great horses living free in the wilderness. I want to learn more about that" Hanne Schneider (Germany)

Photograph from the black and white series  "Black and White"

About the wildhorse-project

The European Equine Academy (EEA) was founded in germany 2005. A private research project about the last wildhorses in Canada came up in 2009. Kiki is the representative of the European Equine Academy for Canada and observes wildhorses in the Chilcot`in Mountains BC. She is working towards the protection of the natural habitat to save the last wildhorses.

All proceeds of the gallery support the EEA wildhorseproject 

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