About Kiki 

Kiki was born in germany and is a well known horselady and a 7x bookauthor. She worked over 3 years for the american horsewhisperer Monty Roberts and also meet other horsetrainers like Pat Parelli, Mike Geitner and Linda Tellington Jones. Her work is mostly influenced by the best horsetrainer ever: Buck Brannaman, which she also meet. In July 2012 Kiki moved with her daughter to British Columbia in Canada. She is a horsetrainer and Certified Equine Canada Level 2 Dressage Coach. In spring 2013 Kikis book about „Horsewhispering“ was published in germany, a book about  non-violent methods how to train horses. Kikis passion is observing and photographing wildhorses in their natural habitat. Most time of the year she spends out in the bush, hundrets of miles away from the next town. Currently she is working on her new book: A documentation about the wildhorses in Canada.

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picture above: Kiki and 2 domesticated horses


"We will only protect, what we know" Kiki Vodapoff

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